• Game Theory for Social Sciences - Instructor: Leonardo Boncinelli
  • Ecological Economics  - Instructor: Tiziano Distefano
  • Sustainable Behavior and Experimental Economics - Instructor: Laura Grazzini & Sibilla Di Guida
  • Statistics and Data Analysis - Instructor: Francesco Serti
  • Wellbeing Measurement and Analysis - Instructor: Ennio Bilancini
  • Institutional Analysis for Sustainability and Wellbeing  - Instructor: Ginevra Virginia Lombardi
  • Organizational Behaviour and Business Ethics - Instructor: Sara Lombardi & Giacomo Marzi
  • Energy and Resources Economics - Instructor: Angelo Facchini
  • Sustainability Reporting and Accountability - Instructor: Marco Bellucci
  • Satellite Imagery for the Environment and Econometrics for Sustainability and Wellbeing - Instructor: Federico Martellozzo & Armando Rungi
  • Value Articulating Institutions for the Environment - Instructor: Gianluca Stefani
  • Health Economics and Policy - Instructor: Massimo Riccaboni

The educational offer will not be limited to the aforementioned courses. The University of Florence and the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca have planned activities to enhance cross-cutting skills. Overall, the approach to educational activities aims to promote open-mindedness, collaboration among students, and integration among different disciplines and approaches, also through the use of tools that foster proactive engagement and participation.

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